@raulmar Product developer

Crafting high performance software and elegant digital experiences

📍 Monterrey, MX
🧑‍💻 2 years of experience

This is me, raulmar

A person who truly believes that every decision must be made from love, not fear. Because having hope on a better tomorrow is what has brought us this far despite the obstacles.

raulmar in the sahara desert

I'm a software developer with professional experience using web technologies such as TypeScript, Angular, Azure DevOps, etc. in order to maintain a closed source framework.

After having shared and learned from other cultures I've developed a deep love for languages, culture, urban design as well as how they impact our lives. I'm currently fluent in Spanish, French and English. Also, I just started Italian.

Additionally, I enjoy dancing to latin rhythms, learning new skills, electronics and contributing to open source

This is me, raulmar...